The Pima Air and Space Museum


A Dealer event from Royal Land Rover in Tucson
Where:  Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona
Date:   December 12, 2010
Divas:  Sydney, Izabella, Grace, Samantha and Sophia
Land Rovers:  2003 Disco, 96′ Disco, a.k.a. SALLY, 68 Dormobile, a few LR3’s, LR4’s and a couple of  newer Range Rovers!


This  weekend  all  the Rover Divas went to Pima Air And space Museum.  This is my favorite museum in Tucson.  I love airplanes and Space.
We had a tour on a tram of all the old planes outside the museum.  We saw old bombers, a guppy, and some cool jets.  We also saw lots of different helicopters.
After lunch we had lunch with all the other Land Rover owners outside the Space center.
After lunch we went to a few hangars to look at more planes.    We played  in half  of an air  plane  controller !!!!!!!!!!!!! I pretended I was a pilot.  I was sad they took the simulator away.  I rode in that three times before.  It makes you feel like a pilot.


I thought they  were  all wonderful
I couldn’t decide on my favorite plane. There is one really small plane.  It is called the bee, it is painted like a bumble bee.  Its a perfect size plane for me.  The other planes are super big. Walking under them makes you feel really, really small.


This is a F-107A, and one of my favorite planes at the museum.  I really love the shiny red paint!

Four little Land Rovers in front of planes.


Three cars three planes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Five  little air planes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. tristen powell says:

    hey guys you must of had lots of fun there

  2. Great write up Sydney!! I had a fun day, too. Thanks to Royal Land Rover for hosting us!!!!

  3. Neat trip! 🙂

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