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Overland Expo 2011

By: Izabella


Date: March 31, 2011- April 3, 2011

Divas:  Izabella, Sydney,Sophia, Samantha, and Grace

Location:  Amado,  Arizona


In April The Rover Divas were presenters at the Overland Expo 2011, in Amado, Arizona.   After it was over I was so excited to write about it.  I did take notes and had a few very rough drafts.  But, it still has taken awhile to get my post completed.  The end of the school year was very busy for me.  Now it is summer and I am determined to catch up on posting!



The Divas and Roseann Hanson in front of Terry  Ann’s Green Rover (dormobile)

First Day (Thurs., March 31, 2011)

On the First Day there was a special meeting that all of the presenters had to attend.  It was very exciting, we finally got to meet Roseann Hanson, Director  of The Overland Expo.  We also saw the Land Rover Experience people, Ann Lockley,  Lois Pryce and the Camel Trophy guys.  While we were at the meeting everybody went on a tour of expo area.  On the tour we saw the tent we would be presenting in, and a special room just for the staff and media (that included us!).  Since we were kids and presenters, all five of us got  special kid drinks (sorry, it’s for kids only!).


Second Day (Friday, April 1, 2011)

Our first Rover Diva Presentation !!!!! (Cooking Demo)

The first day was a little scary but awesome, we made three peach and cherry dump cake or cobbler, a bunch of banana boats, and pigs in a blanket.  The cobblers and banana boats were cooked in a special Rover Diva charcoal fire pit that my dad made at work.  A laser cutter made the swirly Rover Diva Logo.  What made day two fun was having kids from the audience help us during our presentation.  My favorite recipe we made was the peach and cherry dump cake, it’s a funny name and its made the way it sounds!  You dump the pie fillings in, then the cake mix, and finish by pouring a sprite soda on top.  The banana boats,  and pigs in a blanket take a little more time to prepare.  We let the audience have samples of each recipe.  It was a yummy day!  After our presentation we went back to the campsite to hang out.













THIRD DAY  (Saturday, April 2, 2011)


On the third day we did our second presentation.  We had different stations set up, so people could see what our overlanding activities are.  Grace presented rock hounding, Sydney and Sofia showed kids how to make water compasses,  Samantha showed kids the telescope, and I explained differen’t types of backpacks.  I had three types of my packs, my rock climbing pack, Overnight backpack, and a daypack.

I had fun talking about these activities and the gear I use for them.   It was easier to talk on the second day then the first.  I liked showing people different outdoor gear, and letting them even try it on.  It was easier to speak directly to one person then a group like we had on day one.  Maybe someday I will be more comfortable speaking to big groups.  People asked most about my climbing gear, and then my big backpack. Sydneys daypack got attention from little girls.  I think they liked the Littlest Pet Shop toys inside better then the pink pack.

Saturday was the busiest day for us, but I think it was the most enjoyable day.  We had more people on this day.  Friday was a smaller group, most likely because people had to work, or had school to attend.   Overall, I think the busiest station was Sofia and Sydney’s.  Every time I looked over, they had people around them.  I know they had fun!


DAY FOUR (April 3, 2011)

Sunday was the last day of presentations, we were part of an “Expert Panel” on Overlanding with Kids.  All five Divas and The Adventure Parents were part of the panel.  We sat a a table in front of an audience, and we had microphones so people could hear us.  Jay Shapiro, owner of  the EcoRoamer, was the moderator.  He asked us questions, like “do we have any toys that you always travel with?  All the Diva’s said they bring their Pillow Pets, except me. I take Mocha monkey, he has traveled with me for almost eight years.   The funniest answer was when Sofia told the audience that she uses her dad’s Pillow Pet.  It’s a turtle named Sheldon.

Sunday became a busy day for us.  We saw Jonathan and Roseann Hanson again.  Jonathan had the Divas autograph the  the article in the “Overland Journal” that he wrote wrote about us.

Also on Sunday, I met my new hero, her name is Lois Pryce.  She is author of the books “Lois on the Loose” and “Red Tape and White Knuckles”.  I have  the second book, and Lois signed it for me.  It is about her dirt bike trip from London England to the tip of South Africa.   Samantha and I listened to her speak and saw her slide show.  She is very Brave.  She didn’t chicken out of anything, like many people would probably do.   She inspired me to buy a dirt bike of my own and go on adventures too someday.

That evening there was  a BBQ and a raffle.  The Rover Diva’s helped to sell the raffle tickets.   I buddied up with Sophia to sell tickets.  She is still little and needs help with the money math.   We did five jumping jacks for each ticket sold, it helped with business!  Sophia would ask people if they wanted to buy, and I would tell them the price.  The reason Sophia asked is because no one can resist her cute little face.  We also were allowed to draw the tickets while Lois Pryce helped, then announce the numbers.



Presenting at the Overland Expo was an amazing experience.  It took a while to plan for this, and make decisions on what to talk about.  We met to practice cooking and day three activities.   Roseann and Jonathan Hanson gave us an unique oppurtunity and adventure.  I am thankful to them for asking us to be part of the expo.



Rover Divas are in Arizona Driver Magazine by Grace

Look at us were in another magazine!!!!!!!We are in the Arizona Driver Magazine the May/June Issue.The article is about the Overland Expo.

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Here is a photo of the article. Sorry it is so little, but if you click on the picture of the magazine. It will take you directly to the current issue of the magazine. We are pictured on page 6.


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