Hi, I’m Izabella, and I’m eleven years old.  I’m more of a tomboy than a girly girl.  My favorite animal is a horse, although I do like tigers and cheetahs.   My very favorite hobby is drawing, and I’m a fairly good artist, one of my favorite things to draw is horses, but I love drawing other animals, too.  My sister and I have a dog named Jäger, which means hunter in German, because he is a Rhodesian Ridgeback(which were originally bred in Africa for hunting and keeping lions at bay).  Some of my favorite things to do are: backpacking,  camping, hiking, building forts, and rock climbing.  I’m also interested in how certain aircrafts work, especially the b-2 Spirit Bomber, which is my favorite plane because of it’s  unique design, it’s also very stealthy.




E-mail:   Izabella@roverdivas.com



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