First, we’d like to thank all the other Rover Divas for their thoughts and prayers so that we could have a speedy recovery.  Also, we’d like to thank their parents for keeping in touch with our parents regarding our health.  All in all we’re doing great, still a little sore, yet going strong and getting stronger!!  Not at school yet….shucks, but still waiting and counting the days.

Moms, dads and fellow Rover friends….our Familia would like to thank you for your concern regarding our special Divas, Samantha and Sophia!  The first 3 days were the worst and now we’re just getting over the hump to recovery!  Linda, a special thanks to you and your familia for your most honest and loving thoughts.  Also, for the pic’s you posted and the notes, too.  Soon we’ll be “Rovering” again as a whole…and by that I mean with all the Divas and their families!!

With love, the deprived of sleep family!!

Day at Mount Lemmon By Samantha

Date: September 18, 2010
Divas: Grace, Izabella, Samantha, Sophia, Sydney (All of them plus Moms and Dads) plus two Diva dogs Aspen and Jager
Where: Mount Lemmon, Arizona

The Divas all met at a gas station and  my family ate at McDonalds.  We headed up to Mount Lemmon to learn how use a compass.  After awhile all the divas got in  my car and played brain teasers all the way to the lunch spot.  We stopped  for lunch in Geesaman Wash .



Right after lunch we learned about compasses and maps.
Then  we went hiking up the wash to use the compasses and look for pyrite(Fools Gold).
Izabella saw a black rattle snake in the wash under some shade.  I got really scared and didn’t want to continue the hike. I hate snakes.
The rest of the divas went to look for the gold but found none.  They did have fun trying to get these Iron like cubes, out the rock up high on the side of the wash.
My mom fell on top of our puppy on the hike back. The puppy is OK.


We went up to the top of Mount Lemmon singing all the way in the truck with all the divas and playing hangman.  The dads made a swing for us to play. Then the fun started with the swing and making ice cream.  Izabella and Sydney brought an ice cream maker.  It was a plastic ball filled with ice and Ice Cream Mix. You need to shake it or play with it to make the ice cream.  So after a long day we had chocolate chip ice cream.  It started to get cold so we got back in the trucks. The divas all in one and headed back to Tucson.

The End

2 Divas in North Carolina

North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher Island
By Samantha
Sophia and I saw a big circle fish glass eye that ws 4 in. thick and it curved 4 feet into the water. 
We also saw a green eel.  As soon as I saw it, I shiverd.  It was 5 feet long.
We saw Jelly Fish…
and Sea Horses.
My mom loved this baby golden turtel, because it was rescuded from the beaches of North Carolina.
We also saw a rare albino allegater named Luna.  Luna is a Spanish word, it means “Moon” in English.  The aquarium basis it’s funds on traveler’s and vacationer’s.  The funds are then used to rescue the Sea Turtles and the eegs they lay on the beaches of Carolina.  They also use the funds for other species that are found in the Carolina’s that are in danger of extinction.  Other funds come from donors of big companie’s or vacationer’s like us.  So, next time that you’re in North Carolina, visit the Aquarium, donate if you can, and you’ll see what my sister and I saw!!
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