AZLRO Rally 2010: Trail pre-run Temporal Gulch near Patagonia, Arizona


By:  Izabella

Two Discoveries went on this trip to check out trail conditions before the rally.

Divas on this trip:  Samantha, Izabella, Sophia and Sydney

A quick  Diva lunch break

Samantha and I enjoying some cold fried chicken .
Sydney and Sophia had fun climbing In and out of

Samantha’s roof top tent.

After lunch Samantha and I decided to explore the area and play in the cold water.


We are on the road again!! (sort of anyway)

Samantha and Sophia’s Disco (Sally) avoiding a deep spot!!


Possible lunch site for the rally next week!

This is the small canyon

behind the lunch site.   It is a great place to play.

Here we also saw a pair of real working cowboys.

This is the entrance of the second mine we came to.  They mined copper here.   Copper is Arizona’s main mineral.

On the inside we
found Chrysocolla on the walls.  Chrysocolla looks alot like
turquoise.  We picked up a few pretty pieces.  It is found wherever
there is copper.

This is one
of the small,  but
very pretty waterfalls
we saw.  We had a lot of rain this year in Arizona.  Most canyons had waterfalls, this was one of them.  We also counted 25 water crossings this trip.

The End!!!


  1. Roseann Hanson says:

    You ladies might want to check out this great organization for women explorers:

  2. Roseann Hanson says:

    Love your blog! I'll check back often. We're near Tucson, too (about 45 miles southwest, by the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge). Maybe we'll bump into you on the trail sometime. Although right now I drive a 1984 diesel Land Cruiser, we're rebuilding a 1972 Series II Land Rover. I love Dormobiles, too.

  3. I am not an Unfunerator, I am Ubehebe!

  4. Rover diva Izabella says:

    Thanks, but dont forget my dad is an unfunerator also!! But, I love alot anyway!!

  5. Kelly H says:

    Izabella remember James is an unfunrator! Great Job on your post!

  6. Wow! I am sorry we missed that! It looks like it was fun. Remember, no fun allowed! I needed to be there to tell you that.

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