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AZLRO Rally 2011 – The Super Duper Trail Story – by Dalene

March 6th, 2011 

Land Rovers: LR3, Discovery I, Discovery II, Jeep, Defender 90
Drivers: Shaun, Ryan, Rob, Chad, Bill Burke
Diva: Dalene
Trail: Ajax Mine


On Sunday morning we ate breakfast and packed our stuff.  My dad led a trail but the Rover Divas were not there.  It was sad that my Rover Diva friends weren’t with me. 

On the trail two guys walked to Rob’s truck and told us that their Buggy was stuck in a hole. Things did not look good for the Buggy. I was not scared because the guys have fixed and helped trucks before.

Rob had a good idea. We pulled them up with a rope on a winch.  There were four winches. Everyone helped us pull him out.
The buggy was in a mineshaft and we got him out. I was happy that it didn’t take a long time. I’m glad that the buggy started running.
After that we ate lunch. We drove on a hard trail called Ajax before we went home. The trail was fun and everyone had a good time. I brought home some rocks from the trail. I always bring rocks home from the trail for my collection. 


First, we’d like to thank all the other Rover Divas for their thoughts and prayers so that we could have a speedy recovery.  Also, we’d like to thank their parents for keeping in touch with our parents regarding our health.  All in all we’re doing great, still a little sore, yet going strong and getting stronger!!  Not at school yet….shucks, but still waiting and counting the days.

Moms, dads and fellow Rover friends….our Familia would like to thank you for your concern regarding our special Divas, Samantha and Sophia!  The first 3 days were the worst and now we’re just getting over the hump to recovery!  Linda, a special thanks to you and your familia for your most honest and loving thoughts.  Also, for the pic’s you posted and the notes, too.  Soon we’ll be “Rovering” again as a whole…and by that I mean with all the Divas and their families!!

With love, the deprived of sleep family!!

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